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Skinfusion Providers FAQs Woburn, MA

Even when you’ve been administering a treatment for a while, it’s not uncommon to have lingering questions about certain aspects of the service. This is one of the many reasons why Love Beauty Professional Medical provides

ongoing education for our providers.

Here are a few of the most commonly asked questions for Skinfusion, our advanced hydradermabrasion device, which is exclusively distributed by Love Beauty Pro Medical, plus treatment tips for helping your clients achieve top-level results.

Can I combine Skinfusion with laser skin treatments?

Any recent laser skin treatment, including laser hair removal, is a contraindication for Skinfusion treatment. We recommend administering laser skin treatments at a separate session from Skinfusion. Other treatments that should not be administered at the same session as Skinfusion treatments are injectables and waxing.

Other contraindications to be aware of include: Recent facial surgery, open wounds, dermatitis, severe active rosacea, active herpes simplex, sunburn, pregnancy, radiation therapy (cancer patients), severe acne, Accutane, blood thinning patients, type 1 diabetes, allergies to aspirin (salicylic acid), keloids, heart ailment, high blood pressure.

Which treatments can be safely combined with Skinfusion?

There are a number of popular treatments that pair well with Skinfusion, including microneedling, dermaplaning and chemical peels.

Do my clients need to avoid using any skin care products/ingredients before their Skinfusion treatment?

Skinfusion is a well-tolerated treatment with no downtime. Immediately following treatment, your patients may experience some redness or erythema. However, to avoid irritation, we recommend that patients stop using retinoids and glycolic acid for three days prior to their Skinfusion treatment. Of course, every patient is different. Providers should use their own discretion when recommending pre- and post-treatment care, taking into account the type and sensitivity of each patient’s skin.

Can I use my own serums with the Skinfusion device?

Only use the serums that come with your Skinfusion device! Using other manufacturer’s serums will void your warranty and may also clog the machine and result in other damage. 

How many treatments do I need to administer for a client to achieve their best results?

We recommend a series of three to six treatments, spaced a month apart for patients to enjoy long-lasting complexion improvements. To maintain their benefits, we recommend Skinfusion treatments every two months.

Have more questions?

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Love Beauty Professional Medical is a distributor and advanced aesthetics institute for Skinfusion and other in-demand, cutting-edge technology and products. If you would like training, support or to grow your professional aesthetics practice, call (855) 568-3776 or complete our contact form today!




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