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Shop Talk with an Industry Expert Woburn, MA

If you watch a training video on our website, there’s a good chance you’ll come across Lisa Ricciardelli (pictured right), who is the national director of clinical education for Love Beauty Professional Medical and our sister company, Plasma Concepts. Lisa is passionate about advancing your education and career in the aesthetics industry, and her passion is evident with every precise, methodical, step-by-step instruction she provides for our training videos.

Lisa Ricciardelli at Love Beauty Professional Medical

What a lot of people do not know is that Lisa also happens to be considered a pioneer in the industry. As the clinical director of All Care Laser in North Andover, the company she founded 11 years ago with family medicine practitioner Azar Korbey, Lisa has been in the medical aesthetic field and a laser technician expert for over 24 years. Lisa started working in the field of aesthetics with the first laser for hair removal that was developed by Rox Anderson and trained along with his team to become one of the first laser technicians. She remains the only one to continuously work in the field. In addition to educating aesthetic medical providers with us, Lisa is herself a hands-on aesthetics provider and business owner. She knows first-hand what today’s aesthetic consumers want and is completely devoted to providing the best possible results.

It goes without saying that Love Beauty Pro Medical is thrilled to have Lisa on our team! We couldn’t do what we do without her! In the spirit of education, we asked Lisa to share some of her latest industry insights and treatment tips.

You travel the world to test out new services and devices. Which aesthetic finds are you most excited about right now?


I love being one of the first specialists in the U.S. to bring new and advanced practices back into the country. I’m very excited about a skin revitalization technique developed by the Italian company WiQo. It’s called PRX-T33 and it’s revolutionary! My practice, All Care Laser, was the first facility in the U.S. to offer this amazing treatment.

What is PRX-T33?


PRX-T33 is a solution made of trichloroacetic acid (TCA), hydrogen peroxide and kojic acid. It comes in a bottle and the provider massages it into the client’s skin using firm pressure, similar to lymphatic massage. Europeans refer to PRX-T33 as the “liquid facelift,” and it’s been administered around the world more than two million times, but it’s brand new to the U.S. market. PRX-T33 is revolutionary because it reverses the appearance of aging skin without any downtime or side effects. It’s safe for all skin types and can be administered any time of year, even in the summer!

What other aesthetic devices are you passionate about?


As you know, I work with Love Beauty Pro Medical, one of the official U.S. distributors for PRX-T33. I also work with their sister company Plasma Concepts, which distributes PlasmaMD, the only German-made plasma device on the market. I am a constant perfectionist and critical of knock-off brands and equipment. I do my research and guarantee I only work with the very best.
With PlasmaMD, my practice can perform non-surgical blepharoplasty (eyelid lift) and wrinkle reduction for delicate, hard-to-treat areas. PlasmaMD is a wonderful aesthetic tool because it can smooth skin anywhere on the face and body and deliver surgery-like results that last over a year.

In your opinion, what is a major trend in the aesthetic industry that you are noticing right now?

Lisa: Everyone wants the non-invasive treatments nowadays. It just means the traditional, physical surgeries are not preferred. If you can get the same treatment and it’s less expensive and safer than the traditional route, why wouldn’t you?

What advice would you give to aestheticians and other providers?


Always put the interests of your clients first. That’s what we’re here for. Sometimes, clients come in and request a certain treatment without understanding what the treatment truly does. As providers, we can educate them and help them to adjust their expectations. We’re all here to look after our customers and help them to be their best version of themselves.

Love Beauty Pro Medical is passionate about helping your business be successful! Our mission is to advance your professional skills and education so you can provide the highest level of treatments and results for your clients. Quality and service are our bedrocks, so we are extremely selective regarding the products with which we align our brand. To learn more about our advanced aesthetic products and treatments, please call us any time at (855) 568-3776 or complete our contact form today!



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