PRX Tone Beautifying Topical Serum Face and Body, 20ml

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PRX INTIMA – Tone Beautifying Topical Serum

Help your patients promote a more radiant complexion and improve the appearance of dark spots.

PRX Tone Beautifying Topical Serum is a home care treatment used to lighten discolored skin and reduce excessive skin pigmentation of external areas on the face and body.

Its formulation contains ferulic acid, alpha-lipoic acid, glabridin, aminoethylphosphinic acid, lactoferrin, niacinamide and tranexamic acid, active elements which continue and maintain the lightening effect of the treatment.

20 ml

The serum comes with a dropper dispenser making it a revolutionary no-needle treatment for intimate parts. WiQo Lightening Serum is especially indicated to have a lightening effect on external delicate areas, perianal area, mammary areola and armpits. Safe for use on face and neck.