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An advanced protocol to rejuvenate and beautify external intimate areas of both men and women.

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SKU: 70023

Approximately 60 treatments, 15 Patients/ Series of 4 Treatments each

Minimum suggested pricing per treatment: $250 / Estimated Revenue = $15,000



(12) Boxes Of Skin Beautifying Liquid For Delicate Areas (60 Vials)

(15) Tone Beautifying Topical Serums For Face and Body

(2) P Solution

(180) Moisturizing Cream For External Delicate Areas Sachets

(15) Large Application Spatulas

(75) Patient Brochures

(15) Home Care Cards (after care cards)

(1) Provider Booklet

(60) Pink Applicator Tips

(1) Compact Digital Scale (new customers only, for training)

Online PRX Training

NOTE: Syringes are NOT sold in packages, may be purchased separately

PRX INTIMA PERFEXION – IMPORTANT DELIVERY AND SHIPPING NOTICE: When ordering, ensure you will be available for delivery and refrigerate vials right away. Upon shipment, your invoice with FedEx Tracking # will be emailed to you.

Shipment is sent SIGNATURE REQUIRED. Someone from your business must be there to sign for delivery. Need to change delivery to suit your schedule? Call FedEx (800) 463-3339 with your Tracking # to arrange delivery or pickup at a FedEx facility

We will not replace product when delayed due to FedEx, weather delays, missing packages, customer not being there to accept delivery, improper storage of vials, or other matters beyond our control. It is the customer’s responsibility to accept delivery promptly and store the product properly upon delivery to your business. In the event your shipment is delayed by the carrier, you are responsible for contacting the carrier with your tracking number to arrange for pickup or delivery. We are not responsible for the proper storing of the product after it leaves our facility.

PRX Intima Perfexion Skin Beautifying Liquid:

· May arrive warm to very warm, and that is okay. Refrigerate upon receipt and between uses to maximize lifespan and effectiveness.

· Will NOT arrive cold or on ice.

· Has been tested to sustain varying temperatures and be out of the refrigerator for up to several days during shipment.

· Acceptable for use unless it has turned brown. Reaching brown color means ingredients may have lost effectiveness, may no longer be acceptable for use. Not brown? It is acceptable for use.


· Keep out of direct sunlight for extended periods of time.