LOVE BEAUTY SKIN – Electronic Fitzpatrick Skin Type Tester – Client Consultation Tool

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LOVE BEAUTY SKIN – Electronic Fitzpatrick Skin Type Tester

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This electronic device contains a sensor that will classify your clients skin tone instantly in an easy to read display panel. Use to compliment your professional skin type evaluation. Not designed to replace Fitzpatrick questionnaire/evaluation in your practice.

Satisfy your client by validating and complimenting your Fitzpatrick Skin Type questionnaire during your consultation with our professional Electronic Skin Type Tester.  Designed to be used as an instant Skin Type reference, the sensor on the electronic device is applied flatly and tightly on clean, make-up free skin within the area to be treated. The blue skin type display panel will indicate and classify the skin tone/type result for you instantly. The manufacturer recommends you test at least twice for the greatest accuracy and always use in conjunction to a full Fitzpatrick Skin Type Client Questionnaire.


  • There is already a pre-installed battery so need to open the device – its ready to go!
  • Sterilize the device before and after each use using a non-alcoholic cleanser and gently clean the test window.
  • Let the test window touch treated areas flatly then press the turn on/off button.
  • The client’s skin tone will automatically be read, check the area again for confirmation.

Apply device parallel and flat to the area to be treated. Ensure your client’s skin is clean and makeup-free! We recommend testing the area to be treated twice to ensure accuracy.