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Oncology and Immune Compromised Esthetics Certification (2-Day Training)

Course has been approved by the Massachusetts State Board of Cosmetology.

This introductory and foundational course is the licensed professionals’ first step to be trained in this much needed area of esthetics. This training offers a rewarding skill set for the professional to augment their current esthetics practice. This course prepares attendees to make a difference safely and confidently in the life of a person with cancer or immune concerns. Skin care professionals have a unique opportunity to make a difference by providing care to those who need uplifting treatments during a difficult time in their lives. The course focuses on providing care for client experiencing or coming out of oncology treatment or with autoimmune conditions/ immune complex disorders.

2-Day Training covers extensive theory & lecture, consultation guidelines, treatment considerations and best practices, product overview and recommendations, guidance on implementing into your practice, case studies and practical hands-on experience.

Included in Training
Certification Recognized by State Board of MA
Networking with Instructors other Professionals in class
Guidance on Product Selection and Implementing into your Practice
Training Materials
Product Materials
Taught in State of the Art Training Facility

Financing Option – pay over time:
Use PayPal credit for your tuition-

Attendee Qualifications:
An active Aesthetic, Cosmetology, Nursing or Physician license.
We accept professionals from all States.
The ideal candidate for this training is a licensed professional who has a minimum of 6 months prior experience working with facials/skin care.
Attendees who take this course are responsible for researching state/local/federal licensing laws & regulations surrounding these services & ensuring these services are within the scope of practice prior to registering for the course. Completing our training course does not guarantee you can legally perform the service in your state. We are not a regulatory agency, and all questions regarding scope of practice must be researched through your governing Board.
All tuition is non-refundable, non-transferable.

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