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No Peel Chemical Peel | Revolutionize How You Think of Chemical Peels

What is the No Peel Chemical Peel?


WiQo’s PRX-T33 has revolutionized how we think about chemical peels. Stimulating the production of collagen and elastin, PRX-T33, or the “no peel chemical peel” is a revolutionary combination of three essential ingredients offering nearly instant results with no downtime and no needles.

PRX-T33’s process allows for numerous benefits, specifically targeting aging, texture, laxity, wrinkles and dull skin for rejuvenation on the face and body.


As a combination of TCA, hydrogen peroxide and kojic acid, PRX-T33’s balanced formula causes a controlled degree of inflammation in the skin, stimulating the regenerative process. Hydrogen peroxide, known for its strong antiseptic properties, releases large amounts of oxygen, nourishes and allows the skin to be more receptive to other agents. When combined with the TCA and kojic acid, the hydrogen peroxide enters the derma layer, enhancing efficacy of the treatment.


What does a No Peel Chemical Peel Treatment Look Like?


The no peel chemical peel easily integrates into a busy lifestyle because this treatment is needleless and painless! Done in layers, the PRX-T33 treatment only takes 15-20 minutes without losing any efficacy. As it is non-photosensitizing, this treatment can even be administered in the summer without risk of hyperpigmentation. Not only can it be used at any time, this no peel chemical peel is safe to use on all skin tones and outside of just the face and neck.


As a pain-free and non-invasive treatment, your provider will start by cleansing the skin, before applying PRX-T33 in layers and follow up with a nourishing, moisturizing face cream. Immediately following treatment, your skin will feel tighter and brighter. With no downtime, you can go about your day looking and feeling incredible!


Although results can be immediately seen, the no peel chemical peel works best as a series of four treatments for maximum benefits. Your provider will send you home with some at home care products to use between treatments to maximize results!

Is the No Peel Chemical Peel Right for You?


If you’re ready to enjoy the benefits of the no peel chemical peel, reach out to your physician today to see where you can start treatments of PRX-T33. Your provider will let you know if this treatment is right for you.



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