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Is Hydrogen Peroxide the Next Big Anti-Aging Ingredient? Woburn, MA

Though we may not realize it or give it much thought, our skin naturally contains a low concentration of hydrogen peroxide (H2O2). (Imagine that — H2O2 is not just in your medicine cabinet!) In fact, hydrogen peroxide works within our skin every day to facilitate wound repair, connective tissue regeneration and remodeling of the extracellular matrix — all very important functions.

PRX-T33 product

Here’s why it matters: H2O2 is the star ingredient of PRX-T33, a cutting-edge skin care product from WiQo, in Italy, that tightens, plumps and smooths the look of skin within minutes without any invasive measures or downtime. In case you’re new to our website, Love Beauty Pro is the official U.S. distributor and trainer for PRX-T33.

The story behind H2O2.

Years ago, Dr. Rossana Castellano, WiQo founder, understood the vital role hydrogen peroxide plays in skin. She suspected that slightly boosting the skin’s hydrogen peroxide levels could have a positive effect on the skin’s appearance, so she began studying ways to enhance the skin’s H2O2 levels.

Dr. Castellano’s biggest hurdle was finding a way for H2O2 to deeply penetrate without “harming” the skin. Her goal was to trigger a revitalizing effect without employing traditional methods of exfoliation/ablation and the resulting downtime. After years of trial and error, she discovered that trichloroacetic acid (TCA), a tried-and-true ingredient for chemical peels, was the perfect vehicle for transporting H2O2 deep into the skin.

PRX-T33 explanation of process

Why TCA and H2O2 are a perfect mix.

As we all know, TCA is the main ingredient for a popular chemical peel. Chemical peels work by exfoliating, or removing, the outermost layers of skin to reveal a brighter, smoother, more evenly toned complexion with at least a few days of peeling and social downtime.

PRX-T33 contains a high concentration of TCA — a whopping 33% — but it does not break or exfoliate the skin. It does not cause frost! How is this possible? The answer is hydrogen peroxide.

Dr. Castellano discovered that hydrogen peroxide, when mixed with TCA, acted as a modulator, essentially “disarming” TCA’s exfoliating, or “peeling” properties. The presence of H2O2 prevents TCA from damaging the outer layers of skin cells. This means there’s no frost, which is what happens with a traditional chemical peel.

However, TCA is still able to penetrate the skin. As it penetrates, it brings with it the strategic mix of 62% H202 and 5% kojic acid. Once this mix is massaged into the skin, it stimulates the deeper layers, triggering new collagen and elastin growth and ultimately lifting and plumping the look of skin. Because there’s no damage to the outer skin, there’s no downtime. It’s truly that easy.

Are the results long-lasting? Is there a catch?

There is no catch! One application will reveal immediate benefits, making it the ideal party-prepping solution for those looking to flaunt brighter, tighter, younger-looking skin at their event. For long-lasting results, however, a series of PRX-T33 applications is necessary. For optimal benefits, we recommend a series of four to five applications, spaced about one week apart.

Eager to learn more about PRX-T33 and how it can help you grow your practice? Love Beauty Pro would love to help you! Reach out to us any time by calling (855) 568-3776 or completing our contact form today.



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