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Combining PRX-T33 and Microneedling: Microneedling Training Courses

The New Way to Microneedle


There is no denying that PRX-T33 Derm Perfexion provides results nothing short of exceptional. The combination of 33% TCA, Hydrogen Peroxide and Kojic acid makes for a revolutionary skincare product that is the first of its kind. As a brand committed to finding modern, alternative skincare products and procedures, we have uncovered the benefits of using PRX-T33 Derm Perfexion in combination with other modalities such as microneedling. At Love Beauty Pro and Medical, we offer microneedling training courses that help you learn how PRX-T33 Derm Perfexion achieves superior results with combination therapy, increasing your profit per treatment and setting you apart from your competition.


Our process is straightforward; we combine the PRX-T33 Derm Perfexion Treatment with the microneedling procedure, resulting in the immediate softening of fine lines and wrinkles and noticeable brightness to the skin’s overall complexion. A base layer of PRX-T33 is applied to the face, immediately followed by the restorative microneedling process. Our experts use Kojic acid as an anti-inflammatory, significantly decreasing healing time and post-procedure downtime. Immediately following the procedure, significant improvements in the skin can be seen within seconds in the skin’s tone, texture and elasticity. This specific process would be ideal for clients who want tighter, smoother and less oily skin.



Microneedling and PRX-T33 Aesthetic Training Programs


As microneedling has become one of the most popular procedures within the aesthetic skincare world, we are thrilled to teach you how to combine these two revolutionary skincare treatments to enhance your client’s aesthetic results even further. Our microneedling training courses will teach you everything you need to know to elevate your practice and maximize your revenue. 33 %TCA, Hydrogen Peroxide and Kojic acid, the three ingredients that make up PRX-T33, all fuse together to create a unique anti-aging effect. Combining microneedling and PRX-T33 creates game-changing results that both aestheticians and patients love!


Not only does this combination therapy significantly increase patient satisfaction, it allows your practice’s profit per treatment to increase greatly. Sign up for our microneedling training courses today to learn how to set yourself apart from the competition.


We are currently hosting various upcoming events that showcase both application of the PRX-T33 Derm Perfexion Treatment and advanced microneedling techniques. Visit our website to learn more about our upcoming microneedling training courses.



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