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Advanced Waxing featuring Love Beauty Wax

Knowing basic waxing does not mean you are qualified to confidently and efficiently perform advanced waxing techniques that today’s clients are looking for.

This class includes topics and hands on techniques such as: Brazilian, Bikini, Body, Face and Brows.

Class sizes are kept small so that your instructor can customize the training and focus on the areas of the face and/or body that you are looking to increase your skills.

Brazilian Waxing – This popular bikini wax requires special technique and care to avoid damaging the extremely sensitive skin. Brazilian waxing is being watched more closely by officials lately and has even been in current events due to serious infections caused by inexperienced technicians. This course will ensure you are certified for Brazilian waxing, giving your clients confidence and keeping you out of the news.

Brazilian bikini waxes were introduced to New York in 1987 by seven Brazilian-born sisters and have since become more popular than regular bikini waxes. A Brazilian wax removes most or all of the hair in the genital area, including the delicate inner labia, anus, and testicles. (That’s right, men get them too!)

In this class you expand on your basic knowledge of waxing to learn how to perform safe and professional waxes on all areas of the body for both both men and women using hard and/or soft wax. You gain an understanding of proper positioning, draping, and waxing technique as well as the best pre- and post-care instructions and products.

Wax class teaches hard wax and strip wax. In our classes, we use a wonderful high quality wax line with a great price point. However our course is designed for generalized education so that you can take the education and work with any line of your choice.

Please Note: Class may be dismissed early due to small class sizes.


Attendees are required to arrange 1-2 models to arrive at 1:00 and 1:30pm in order to receive hands on experience. Models should grow hair out for 2-3 weeks and be willing to be waxed on the area that you’re looking to focus on. For example, if your goal is to increase your skills on Brazilian then your model should be willing to have this area waxed. In addition, attendees will pair up and work on each other for hands on. Please grow your hair out and be prepared to pair up with another professional in class.

Can I still take the class if I don’t have a model?

Yes. In the case you cannot find a model we will do our best to help arrange a model for you as long as you notify us 2 weeks prior to class. Although we cannot always guarantee a model we will do our best to accommodate. It is best for attendees to arrange their own models to maximize their class experience. Or you can register with another professional and work on each other. Please arrive to class with your hair grown out 2-3 weeks. In addition, the instructor does a great job helping attendees pair up and work on each other so that everyone in the class has an opportunity for hands on.

Optional Equipment Starter Packages


Option 1

  • Cost – $349
  • ROI – $3,500


  • A wax bundle and pre & post-care products.

 Option 2

  • Cost – $499.
  • ROI –  $3,500


  • A wax bundle and pre & post-care products.
  • Wax warmer and inserts.


  • Equipment starter packages are an additional separate cost from course tuition. Please order equipment 2 weeks prior to class if you want to receive the day of class or the equipment will be shipped to you as soon as they arrive to us after the class completion.


  • An active Aesthetic, Cosmetology, Nursing or Physician license.
  • We accept professionals from all States.
  • Attendees who take this course are responsible for researching state/local/federal licensing laws & regulations surrounding these services & ensuring these services are within the scope of practice prior to registering for the course.  We are not a regulatory agency, and all questions regarding scope of practice must be researched through your governing Board and/or city/state/federal laws. Completing our training course does not allow you license to legally perform the service in your city/state. All tuition is non-refundable, non-transferable. 

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