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30/40 Hour Laser Certification


Aesthetic Institute of Laser Studies

Lisa Ricciardelli LMA, CLS

The 30-hour course will be taught over a 3-day period and the 40- hour will be taught over a 4-day period. The course(s) is designed to teach the basic understating of the operation of lasers and their interactions with the skin.  The 30-hour course is an introduction to the basics of laser hair removal with emphasis on the proper wavelengths, depending on skin type.  The anatomy of skin and Hair physiology and histology.  Emphasis is highly placed on proper skin typing.  This course will cover the different types of light-based systems used in the industry for permanent hair reduction and how to choose which is the safest and most efficacious for the patient.  We cover all contraindications for each laser and pre and post care instructions for treatment.

The 40- hour course extends into light-based treatments of other services such as removal of pigmented lesions, skin treatments, tattoo removal and vein treatments.


$4000 FOR 30 HOURS

$5000 FOR 40 HOURS


30 Course includes

14-Hour Classroom Instruction:

Basic Laser Physics and Safety

Skin and Hair Physiology and Histology

Principles of Selective Photothermolysis

Skin Classification

Laser vs IPL

Various Laser Differences and How to Choose the Right One

­Client Selection and Consultations


Pre and Post Care Instructions

Marketing and Advertising

Laser Terminology


16- Hour Clinical Application:

Practical Hands on Application with Cynosure’s Elite +, Icon and Revlite: the industry’s top laser for all aesthetic needs, skin revitalization, tattoo removal and more.

Learn to Determine Proper Clinical End Points

Post Care Instructions

Proper Patient Documentation


At the end of this course you will receive a Certificate acknowledging your participation in this course.



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