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What Is Skinfusion? Woburn, MA

There are many skin resurfacing technologies out there, so it can get confusing trying to understand the differences between them. Love Beauty Pro Medical is a certified distributor for Skinfusion, an advanced skin resurfacing treatment that revitalizes skin with zero downtime. Here’s a quick breakdown of Skinfusion’s features and how this no-downtime skin treatment can work for you.

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• Is a results-driven skin resurfacing treatment.
• Helps to improve the look and feel of skin without downtime.
• Includes three results-driven steps: 1) exfoliation; 2) extraction and 3) infusion.
• Features SIMULTANEOUS 3-in-1 technology. Without a doubt, this is the most important distinction between Skinfusion and other skin resurfacing treatments. Skinfusion uses a powerful handpiece that is able to administer all three steps in the same treatment. Because the steps work in tandem, Skinfusion allows for more enhanced absorption of their professional-grade serums to maximize results.
• Features exclusive professional-grade serums.
Skinfusion works synergistically with professional-strength infusion serums, designed specifically for use with Skinfusion’s powerful handpiece.

Each Skinfusion serum is the product of advanced research and is designed to address a specific skin condition:

● Anti-aging: fine lines & wrinkles, sallow skin
● Hyperpigmentation: dark spots, sun damage
● Dry and dehydrated skin
● Blemishes
● Rough skin texture

Love Beauty Pro Medical is passionate about helping your business be successful! Our mission is to advance your professional skills and education so you can provide the highest level of treatments and results for your clients. Quality and service are our bedrocks, so we are extremely selective regarding the products with which we align our brand, and Skinfusion is no exception!

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To learn more about Skinfusion and our other advanced aesthetic products and treatments, please call us any time at (855) 568-3776 or complete our contact form today!

Love Beauty Pro Medical is a distributor and advanced aesthetics institute for Skinfusion and other in-demand, cutting-edge technology and products. If you would like training, support or to grow your professional aesthetics practice, call (855) 568-3776 or complete our contact form today!



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