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We Love PRX-T33 Success Stories! Woburn, MA

In our mission to help aesthetic medical practices find success for both their business and their patients, we are excited to share the success Aponi Aesthetics in Worcester, Massachusetts, has found with PRX-T33® by WiQo®! Aponi Aesthetics is one of our largest PRX-T33 customers, and we can see why.

PRX-T33 Spotlight

Dr. Jenny Weyler, owner and medical director at Aponi Aesthetics, says “PRX-T33 increased our revenue by about 50%.” It gets even better, as she explained that patients have uniformly loved their results.

PRX-T33, a product of Italian aesthetic manufacturer WiQo, is a patented liquid containing 33% tricholoracetic acid (TCA), hydrogen peroxide and kojic acid. This formula effectively tightens, brightens, smooths and revitalizes skin without ANY downtime or peeling. It can be safely administered any time of the year and on any skin type. Love Beauty Pro & Medical is an official distributor of PRX-T33!

Dr. Weyler describes PRX-T33 treatments as “spa-like” and comfortable, as it features face cleansing, facial massage and warm towels. Yet there is so much more to PRX-T33 than just the remarkably enjoyable experience. Dr. Weyler says “I’ve had treatments that cost several thousand dollars and they don’t do the job that this does.” She explains that there is “almost nobody who won’t benefit from this treatment,” and that the results are as good as the results patients see with injectables.

Dr. Weyler’s favorite part of offering PRX-T33 at her practice is “having an option for people who won’t do needles or who don’t want downtime,” because PRX-T33 allows those patients to enjoy the same results without unwanted discomfort or recovery time.

One of Aponi Aesthetics’ patients, Dori Bedrosian, shared her own experiences with PRX-T33. Dori says her skin has tightened up and is a lot brighter, explaining that “the more treatments I get, the tighter my skin gets.”

She described the treatment process as “absolutely painless. It’s very enjoyable,” and said her results have been amazing. Dori’s experience with PRX-T33 leaves her with the exact feelings every aesthetic medical practice hopes for, for all their patients. She says “People would never know you had anything done other than…you just look great.”

To learn more about PRX-T33 and how the team at Love Beauty Pro & Medical can help your practice find success with this revolutionary product, call or text us at (855) 568-3776 or complete our online contact form!

Love Beauty Pro & Medical is proud to be the exclusive WiQo® PRX-T33 US* distributor. *Excluding WI, IL, MI, IN, OH.



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