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As the Exclusive US Distributor of PRX-T33, Love Beauty Pro Provides Accessibility to Revolutionary Skincare

As the exclusive US distributor of PRX-T33, Love Beauty Pro provides access to skin rejuvenating services to esthetic medical practices across the US. Headquartered in Woburn, Massachusetts, Love Beauty Pro operates in the professional esthetic business offering the most cutting-edge products and technologies, as well as organizing training courses, workshops and seminars for beauty experts and professionals.


If you’re looking to add PRX-T33 into your practice, or looking to order more supply, Love Beauty Pro, one of two exclusive US distributors of PRX-T33, is your partner in revolutionizing estethtic treatments in your practice.

How to Purchase PRX-T33

As the exclusive US distributor of PRX-T33, Love Beauty Pro makes this revolutionary product easy to acquire, but provides the support and knowledge to ensure providers are getting the very best product and means necessary to administer the treatment.

A revolutionary combination of TCA, hydrogen peroxide and kojic acid, WiQo’s PRX-T33 tightens, brightens, smooths and revitalizes with no downtime or peeling, stimulating the skin’s regenerative process at the dermal layer. When purchasing this treatment, Love Beauty Pro offers a range of packages for ease of implementation and to maximize on your return on investment and profitability of each treatment.


Each package offered includes the appropriate amount of PRX-T33 treatment, applicators, cleanser to administer before treatment and a moisturizing face cream to administer after treatment, as well as aftercare products and instructions for the patient. Not only is the provider and patient equipped with all the necessary supplies to maximize the benefits, but the entire treatment is completed in only 15-20 minutes providing an added convenience for all parties.


If you need assistance determining the number of patients you can expect to treat or how many treatment packages to purchase reach out to Love Beauty Pro today to talk through options with one of our regional sales reps. As the exclusive US distributor of PRX-T33, we provide everything needed to prepare your practice to implement the PRX-T33 treatment from product to marketing materials to ongoing training and support. As the exclusive US distributor of PRX-T33, Love Beauty Pro knows it is more than just shipping you the product. That is why Love Beauty Pro has partnered with the industry’s top manufacturers and medical providers to bring workshops and educational seminars to enhance your skills and business and to be an essential partner for your practice.


Contact us today to learn more or reach out to us online to take the first step in revolutionizing your practice today!



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