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Prevention vs. Maintenance

Everyone seems to have their skincare routine to fight common skincare occurrences such as wrinkles, dark spots, dryness, uneven skin tone and acne. It can be challenging to obtain results when you or your clients wait to see the signs or symptoms of unwanted skin complications. It may be challenging to understand prevention vs. maintenance, but we have all the information you need to prevent and maintain perfect skin!


Prevention of common skincare problems is the key to a perfect complexion. Not only can this stop skin issues before they start, but it can also stop them from progressing even further. This includes SPF for protection against UV damage, moisturizing daily to maintain hydration and using a cleanser in your morning and night routine. Often, skin occurrences such as sun damage, dry skin or uneven skin tone can be prevented by involving products such as AHA/BHA’s, retinol, sunscreen and Vitamin C in an everyday routine. These products have been proven to help fight the signs of aging and other skin problems such as acne or hyperpigmentation when used consistently and adequately.

The more you protect and pretreat your skin with the proper formulas, the better it will look in the future. When considering prevention vs. maintenance, prevention is the first step in helping you or your client achieve the best results! 


Maintenance is centered around consistency! Maintaining these results is just as crucial if you are preventing common skincare problems from happening or progressing. It is much easier to maintain in the long run if you frequently use quality ingredients and formulas. While it may take an extra few minutes at night to integrate a first-class skin routine, maintaining one will help regenerate new and healthy skin cells. Products in your maintenance routine will exfoliate dead skin cells while promoting healthy new cells for younger-looking skin. Similar to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, maintaining a skincare routine that works will help you feel and look your best!

Our skin loses resiliency over time, so when questioning prevention vs. maintenance, both are important for sustaining healthy and glowing skin. Love Beauty Pro and Medical is the trusted wholesale retailer for skincare providers across the nation. Go to our website for information on products, equipment and live events!



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