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WiQo on the Daily Mail

PRX-T33 is among the ten top wellbeing brands “that will ensure you look and feel your best this summer”, according to the Daily Mail.

“As much as we may want youthful glowing skin, the thought of going under the knife is enough to put many of us off cosmetic procedures. But with PRX you can experience the effects of medical-grade skincare without enduring invasive procedures or needles – reports the British newspaper – This program is designed to stimulate, protect and give new vitality to the skin with immediate — and impressive — effect. Since you can see the results so quickly, these treatments are perfect to indulge in just before a social event where you want to look your best. With PRX, the practitioner who takes care of you will be able to tailor the best beauty plan for you, whether you have younger or more advanced skin. The protagonist is PRX-T33, which is an international patented technology that revolutionized the medical aesthetic practice worldwide. Practitioners apply the skincare using a specific technique, and clients can then maintain the effects with an exclusive home care program.”



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