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It’s the 3rd Anniversary of Our Woburn Location! Woburn, MA

We cannot believe it was only three years ago this fall that Amy and Brendan moved into their new space at 800 West Cummings Park in Woburn. With help from friends and family, they started a new chapter with Love Beauty Professional & Medical and have only thrived since.

Here’s the incredible part: In just a short time, their company went from a small regional New England distributor to having national distribution with thousands of customers, sales representatives and clinical trainings in every state across the country (even in Alaska and Hawaii!). Amy and Brendan are so grateful the company has expanded to 80 wonderful employees occupying 10,000 square feet over three suites in the office park.

Most important of all, Amy and Brendan are incredibly thankful for all their employees, customers and vendors who have supported their growth and exceeded their expectations each month. As business owners, they take pride in surrounding themselves with great people who want to be part of something special and be instrumental in the growth of an exploding company.

It is Love Beauty Pro & Medical’s mission to provide the most cutting-edge products to medical spas and aesthetic practices to support them and help them grow. We have partnered with the best manufacturers in the industry to bring customers the highest quality devices on the market. What’s more, by offering top-tier and continuous customer support and training on all our products, we ensure you have the best knowledge available so you can administer the highest quality of care and deliver top-level results for your clientele.

Love Beauty Pro & Medical is a distributor and advanced aesthetics institute for in-demand, cutting-edge technology and products. If you would like training, support or to grow your professional aesthetics practice, call (855) 568-3776 or complete our contact form today!



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