PRX INTIMA PERFEXION- Tone Beautifying Topical Serum – *30% OFF PROMO While Supplies Last*


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PRX INTIMA – Tone Beautifying Topical Serum

PROMO (While Supplies Last) 

Designed to lighten & brighten pigmented skin and uneven tone. Safe for the face & body, even the skin’s most delicate intimate areas.

PRX Intima’s Tone Beautifying Topical Serum for delicate areas is a homecare treatment used to lighten discolored skin and reduce excessive skin pigmentation of external delicate areas.

Combine the Intima treatment with its home care Tone Beautifying Topical Serum for Delicate Areas, which comes with a dropper dispenser and use it at home. External use only.

Its formulation contains ferulic acid, alpha-lipoic acid, glabridin, aminoethylphosphinic acid, lactoferrin, niacinamide and tranexamic acid, active elements which continue and maintain the lightening effect of the treatment.

20 ml

The serum comes with a dropper dispenser making it a revolutionary no-needle treatment for intimate parts. WiQo Lightening Serum is especially indicated to have a lightening effect on external delicate areas, perianal area, mammary areola and armpits.