Hairpearl (Original Formula) Tint Developer Creme – 80ml

Hairpearl (Original Formula) Tint Developer Creme – 80ml


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Trust the “original” Intensive Cream Hair Dye by Hairpearl! Easy-to-use and effective, Intensive lash and brow products dramatically transform the daily lash and brow routine by instantly adding definition to the eyes. The wide variety of shades allows for customization and the patented formulation guarantees consistent long-lasting results.
This hydrogen peroxide based cream developer is designed to be used with any of the lash & brow hair tints. The cream base makes it easier to use. It runs less and allows more control for the esthetician. Great for students and beginners. 80 ml.
Note: The developer contains a 6% per volume solution of the hydrogen peroxide solution.
Due to oxidation once the product is opened, the manufacturer recommends replacing tint and developer within 3 months.
Ingredients: Active Ingredient: 35% Hydrogen Peroxide

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