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Plasma Prestige Training Pre-Course Preparation

Congratulations on booking your upcoming Plasma Prestige Training! Our goal is to provide our technician partners with the very best of everything – from tools, training and supporting products to documentation and marketing support. We know the importance of thorough hands-on training and continued support. Prior to your on-site, live hands-on training, the following steps are required for each attendee to complete prior to training: 

1. Watch Demo Video 2. Pre-Course Modules Work 3. Complete Quiz

How should I prepare for my upcoming Prestige training?

•  Plasma Concepts Equipment with Purchase of Opening Order Starter Package

•  Pre-Course Modules and Study to Prep you for Day of Training

•  Extensive Didactic including Science and Theory

•  On-going Lifetime Support and Service by a US based company and local rep

•  Training Manual, Consent and After Care Forms and protocols, Access to Marketing material portal

•  Business and Marketing Tips/Strategies for Success & Launching Plasma in your Practice

•  Instruction lead by top advanced aesthetics trainer in the US with training and practical background. Trainers currently work in their own clinics with real life experience and their finger on the pulse of what clients want/need.

•  Ability to take “Refresher” course again at nominal charge

•  Listing on our Provider Locator so that consumers can be referred to your practice

•  Small Group Training with Low Instructor to Student ratio

What should I bring to the training?

•  Safety

•  Compliance

•  Manufacturing Quality: German Engineering at its Finest

•  Flexible and Portable

•  Ergonomic

•  Two Pen Options with Intensity Settings: Plasma+ or PlasmaMD

•  Warranty: 2 year or 5 year (unheard of in this industry!)

•  Superior Training

•  Service and Support

•  Price

•  Financing Available

•  US Based Headquarters and Sales, Clinical Training and Support Team

What is the model requirement for the hands on portion of training, and how do I prepare my models?

•  Science of Plasma Technology – Deep Dive into Understanding the Mechanism of Action

•  Why Plasma Concepts is the #1 Device on the Market

•  Review of Skin Anatomy and Physiology

•  Comparison to Plasma vs Surgery and other Medical Aesthetic Procedures on the market

•  Process of Skin Healing & its Role in Results

•  How to Assess Treatment Areas and Skin Laxity

•  Providing a Consultation with Realistic Expectations

•  How to Choose the Right Candidate for Treatment

•  Possible Treatment areas and Techniques

•  How to Educate Your Patient on our device vs other alternatives

•  Indications & Contraindications

•  Pre and Post Care Protocols and Guidelines

•  Proper Workstation Setup

•  Instructor Demo on Live model with Q&A by attendees during treatment

•  Hands on Session on Practice Medium before working on humans

•  How to Map, Plan and Deliver Efficient and Effective Treatments with World Class Results

•  Practical Hands on Session with the ability to give and receive a treatment with another professional in class

•  How to Combine Plasma with other Treatments

•  What to Charge for Treatments and Pricing Guidelines

•  Insurance Considerations and Referrals

•  Vendor Sources and Approved Products

•  How to Market your Plasma business to ensure rapid ROI and lucrative Income

•  Marketing Materials and Tools Necessary for Success

•  One-to-one discussion, critique and feedback

•  Q&A

•  Certification

What will the training entail?

We offer tiers of training giving technicians the chance to further their education, treatment skills and confidence.

Training Programs* include:

1. Prestige Training (Introductory) with various price options:

Delivered in Group Setting

Delivered in Private Setting*

2. Refresher Prestige Training

3. Advanced Training

A seat to our Prestige training is included complimentary with the purchase of every device, and we make our Refresher and Advanced trainings accessible and affordable for every practitioner and budget.

*Group and Private training options and pricing can be discussed with your rep and customized for your practice needs.

Who is allowed to participate in the training?

•  Lead by Advanced, Experienced and Credible Aesthetics Educators with years of training + practical experience in the advanced technology. Each of our trainers currently treat patients allowing them to add real life experience to each training!

•  US Based Insurance covering our trainers and technicians during training.

•  All necessary documentation, forms and tools for success

•  Protocols designed for safety and consistency

•  Post Care Products and Procedures, Patient After Care Instructions  – specifically designed and approved for use with Plasma

•  Post training support unique to our Plasma Training program:

•  US Based Clinical support hotline for all clinical questions.

•  Private Web Forum offering technicians a supportive community to receive continuous support from trainers and other technicians around the USA.

•  On-going Support Videos and Access to Trainers for Mentoring

Step 1: Watch Demo Video

Our one day course introduces the technician to the science behind Plasma Concepts Pen and the key practical techniques to ensure success. A full lecture is followed by ample hands-on experience on both practice devices and live models to get you completely comfortable using the device.

By watching our 20 minute video, you will have learned many of your basic, foundational knowledge prior to your live training date so your trainer can focus more of your time with important hands-on training methods and techniques.

Step 2: Review Pre-Course Modules


Access Pre-Course Modules Here



Important Notice:

Attendees should be prepared to provide their OWN model to arrive at 1:00 to complete paperwork, numb and be ready to work on at 1:30pm.

Be sure to bring a model that wants a procedure that you have a particular interest in (the treatment skill you are most looking to develop further). Attendees must pre-qualify their own models to ensure they are a proper candidate.

Anyone who has trouble finding a model should notify us 2 weeks in advance. Although we cannot guarantee models, we will do our best to help arrange one for you.

Models are not allowed to be present during lecture or hands on area except for during their treatment session.

Please advise your model to be prepared to take a lunch break off site. Lunch is provided for paying course attendees.



DRAFT - Plasma Prestige Training & Quiz 2023

1 / 25

1. What is the proper pressure for application?

2 / 25

2. The average number of application layers on the face is three but can vary depending on skin type.

3 / 25

3. How many layers should be applied to very thin, delicate skin (this may vary on areas with rosacea, the zygomatic region or extreme dryness)?

4 / 25

4. How many layers should be applied to thick, resilient skin and most body areas (this may vary on areas with rosacea, the zygomatic region or extreme dryness)?

5 / 25

5. What are the recommended number of layers applied to normal skin (this may vary on areas with rosacea, the zygomatic region or extreme dryness)?

6 / 25

6. In the following instances, less pressure and/or fewer layers is acceptable?
Areas with rosacea and Zygomatic area

7 / 25

7. Apply only ONE LAYER on the chin, nose, and upper lip.

8 / 25

8. Avoid application on the following areas EXCEPT for which one?

9 / 25

9. Which of the following IS NOT a contraindication?

10 / 25

10. PRX is safe for Fitzpatrick V-VI.

11 / 25

11. When should you move on to the next layer of application?

12 / 25

12. If the skin displays erythema after the 1st or 2nd layer and patient reports discomfort, you should stop the application and wash it off.

13 / 25

13. When you are finished applying the PRX, the next step is:

14 / 25

14. Sessions should be_____days apart for optimal results.

15 / 25

15. SPF and makeup can be applied immediately after treatment.

16 / 25

16. Discontinue use of topical retinoic acid (isotretinoin) 15 days prior to application.

17 / 25

17. PRX Derm Perfexion is photosensitizing.

18 / 25

18. PRX was developed to be a series of __ treatment/s for the face.

19 / 25

19. When should patients begin using the WiQo Facial Smoothing Fluid?

20 / 25

20. After applying the WiQo Facial Smoothing Fluid, how long should the patient wait before applying the WiQo Face Cream?

21 / 25

21. Remove the WiQo Facial Smoothing Fluid with cool water before applying the WiQo Face Cream.

22 / 25

22. Mild or intense flaking can occur due to the following reason/s EXCEPT for one. What is it?

23 / 25

23. What is the percentage of TCA?

24 / 25

24. PRX Derm Perfexion is a treatment with no downtime?

25 / 25

25. After a series is complete, when can patients resume their regular skin care regime?

Submit your information as you want it to appear on your Quiz Report.

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