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Harnessing the power of growth factors

Learn More About Factor Five Skin

Why FactorFive?

Stanford trained scientists designed FactorFive to be the most effective anti-aging skincare line on the market. Their patent-pending products are formulated with with human stem cell derived growth factors, polypeptide complexes, and cytokines.

ROI of FactorFive

FactorFive is a fantastic retail item to add to your practice. You can also incorporate FactorFive into your backbar menu and use it during microneedling treatments, rezenerate treatments, and more.

Before and After

Who Is A Good Candidate?

Generally speaking, every skin type can benefit from FactorFive. Whether your clients are looking for an anti-aging product, a product to help reduce the appearance of pores, or reduce redness, FactorFive will fit into their regimen.

How To Get Started

If you’d like to order a single product to try, please click here. If you’re ready to place your regular order, please email us at for more competitive pricing and bulk options.

Additional Resources

If you’d like additional information on Love Beauty’s FactorFive courses, you can click here.

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